Selena Gomez’s “Kill Em With Kindness” gets silver certification in UK

Selena Gomez’s single “Kill Em With Kindness” has earned a silver certification in the UK. Earlier this week, the song earned gold certification in the US.

“Kill Em With Kindness” is the fourth single from Revival.The album narrates Selena’s journey that is, how she has grown as a singer and as a person. The album has won fans’ hearts across the world and the certifications make it pretty evident.

But this is not the first track by the singer to get the certification. Her lead single from the album, “Good For You”, is silver whereas her third single “Hands To Myself” earned gold in the UK.

With this album, people got to hear a mature Selena who is confident about herself and her music. “Kill Em With Kindness” has already become an anthem of love and kindness and all her songs motivate her fans to believe in themselves and not let the comments deter them from being who they want to be.

Selena is on break due to Lupus, a medical condition she’s been suffering with for quite some time. But her fans have made sure to show their love for her. When the news of her depression was announced, fans across the world came together to show their love and cheer singer up. Selenators, for this reason, are often considered one of the best fandoms.

We hope the news of her song’s certification will cheer up the singer. Also, we hope for her speedy recovery because everyone deserves the best!

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