Senik Gevorkyan: the modern day phoenix rising back and how!

Senik Gevorkyan is a very famous Rapper. He is inspired by Antonio Brown every day. The hard work attitude of Antonio Brown inspires as well as influences Senik Gevorkyan to become as hard working as him. In addition to working as a rapper, he is also an influencer.

He is always motivated by Antonio Brown’s hard work and spirit. Hence, he considers Antonio Brown as his role model and wants to be like him, so hard working and always in high spirits. When it comes to notable career highlights then Senik Gevorkyan is very excited about releasing a hit song with Antonio Brown. 

As it is always said that success comes only after failures and challenges. Once you overcome the challenges and learn from your failures then no one can stop you from achieving success. Without an iota of doubt, Senik Gevorkyan believes the same. 

He has faced the biggest challenges while performing in front of a large audience. However, he overcame this challenge after one performance with Antonio Brown. After that one performance, he learned so much that he overcame his fear and became more confident in himself as well as in his music. 

However, this was not the only challenge Senik Gevorkyan faced in his life. The other challenge he faced was recording in a music studio with numerous amount of people. Nonetheless, he was able to beat up his shyness and fear over time.

Senik Gevorkyan believes that one should always do what he or she loves and should never stop believing in himself or herself. He believes that no one should ever give up on his dreams. 

When it comes to his dreams and aspirations, he sees himself and Cab Records as one of the most influential records out there in a few years inspiring people that anything is possible since the record label is created by a professional athlete Antonio Brown became a rapper. 

Senik Gevorkyan believes that cab records will be winning a lot of Grammies very soon. 

In a nutshell, through his music journey, he wants to tell the world who he is, where has he come from and how has he come from. He wants to inspire people that do what their heart says.

Senik Gevorkyan updates about his life and musical journey on his social media accounts. You must not miss his updates so go follow him on:

Instagram: @sen.meister 

Snapchat: senikgevo 

Twitter: @iamofficialsen

Written by TedFuel