Serial Entrepreneur Dillon Treadway on Helping Individuals and Brands Elevate their Social Authority

Dillon Treadway is a modern-day serial entrepreneur who hails originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a driven young man, Dillon is the founder and CEO of Odyssey Group, a public relations and media company that provides services to companies, athletes, A-list celebrities, and top influencers across all digital platforms to help elevate their social authority.

As an entrepreneur with over six years of experience, Dillon’s business acumen is second to none. Still, before he began his entrepreneurial journey, he played college basketball before transferring to study business at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Ever since taking the entrepreneurial path, the go-getter has ventured into many businesses, recording their failures and successes. As someone who has gone through the trial-and-error gauntlet of the entrepreneurial journey, Dillon now wants to help others avoid those potholes and quicken their steps to success. “I have a passion for working with individuals and helping them. I couldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for God blessing me,” he shared.

Through his company, Odyssey Group, Dillon and his team of over 50 marketing consultants work with artists, models, dancers, athletes, celebrities, influencers, and companies to help get them recognition for their achievements and accomplishments, establish relationships with potential customers, clients, and even communities, scale their businesses, and get more social credibility. They achieve this by helping to manage clients’ social media and build an organic online following on all social media platforms, thus setting off a domino effect for new opportunities. 

“We work with anyone looking to grow their social media platforms. Mostly, many music artists, models, dancers, and athletes. Many businesses come to us to help build their brand and get it in front of a bigger audience to help make them more money,” Dillon shared. 

Dillon’s unparalleled dedication to his craft stems from his passion and drive to help people along their journey. “I make business more personal rather than viewing the customers or clients as just a transaction,” he shared. When asked about the motivation behind his unique brand, the inspiring individual said, “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  

The power player explained his watchword: “I started my business to help others become financially free or at least leave the best impact I can. I try to inspire others, but you have to believe that something different can happen, something better, because many of you keep comparing yourself to others as I have for a long time, but that honestly has held me back.”

Dillon Treadway encourages others to reach for their dreams while also enforcing his presence as a serial entrepreneur who is set on helping others build their social credibility and make more money. “Be the best you can be, and go after your dreams. Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from unlocking the best version of yourself. The moment you get comfortable from being uncomfortable is when your life will change for the better,” he advised. 

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Written by Peter Jones