Seth Glier unveils his Poignant Ode to Parents and Kids across the U.S. “Another Day In America”

We sing songs that show pride for our country like our national anthem “The Star-Spangled-Banner” or “God Bless America”. America is known as the land of the free, but it is not always this beautiful place it is made out to be. In recent years we have dealt with a number of struggles such as gun violence, affordability of health care etc. Grammy-nominated artist Seth Glier releases his riveting and heartbreaking new single “Another Day In America”. The song examines the strong worry and panic many face due to the myriad of mass shootings that have come to light. With his angelic vocals floating atop delicate piano, strings and acoustic guitar riffs, there is so much raw emotion emitted from the piece. Parents should not be afraid to send their children to school and kids should not have to be riddled with anxiety.

The simplistic yet powerful visuals that accompany the track are incredibly moving. Commencing with the sound of the school bell ringing, it is a noise so familiar and comforting juxtaposed by fear. A boy takes part in a practice drill and overwhelming dread instantly consumes him. A girl is excited to sport her pair of sparkly light-up shoes and her mother wonders if they will turn her into an easy target. That is a feeling that should never have to cross a parent’s mind, but sadly thoughts like that do. The video has an uplifting end as protesters band together, each lighting a candle in solidarity.

Seth Glier is a profound singer-songwriter that leaves listeners in awe of his masterful storytelling and rich, silky tone. Not only does he craft detailed and stirring lyrics, but he also produces and plays multiple instruments as well. Being a man of many gifts has allowed him to grow a loyal and dedicated fan base. He has played with greats such as Ani DiFranco and James Taylor, which is a testament to his immense talent. That skill can be heard in this stunning and highly expressive new release.

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Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast