Cora Is Fighting For Her Life And All She Wants Is To Meet Her Idols Little Mix

Seven year old Cora has “complex medical needs with the following conditions -uncontrollable epilepsy, cerabal palsy, dystonia, hydrocephalus with a vp shunt, scoliosis, bilateral tullipies, partially blind, has a peg, mostly tube fed, can’t walk, talk, sit or hold her head”.

That’s a lot for a young child to bear, but despite all these things she keeps a smile on her face day to day. What’s more inspiring is that she is fighting not only for herself but for her family by being strong.

Little Cora may have just a short time left, so let’s work together and allow this strong girls wish to come true – to MEET her idols Little Mix.

She is also a big fan of Disney (something the members of Little Mix absolutely love as well) and her family is planning on throwing her a Disney birthday party August 3rd for her birthday if she survives long enough. It would be super sweet if the girls met Cora dressed up as Disney princesses! We could definitely see it!

Whether you are a Little Mix fan or not, all you have to do is sign the petition at Click HERE to learn more about the petition! Only approximately 300 signatures are left to reach the goal. But also don’t forget to spread the word via your social media. You can also help by emailing Modest Management which the petition creator has done (but has yet to receive a response).

Tweeting Modest Management is also a viable option to get the world heard faster. You can tag them on Twitter @ModestMgmt and also tag Little Mix @LittleMix!

Seven Year Old Cora Is Fighting For Her Life And All She Wants Is To Meet Her Idols Little Mix 2

Let’s all help this beautiful princess and make her wish come true.

Tag us on Twitter @CelebMix and don’t forget to spread the word! Anything is possible and we want this possibility to become a reality for Cora. Her and her family will be attending the Belfast concert date on April 19th and all they ask is for a meet and greet.

Let us all work together!

Written by Dannii C.

girl group advocate. latino. prospective teacher. multi-instrumentalist. self-proclaimed Twitter-ologist @oscahhhhh.