SHAB releases latest single and music video, ‘Music to My Heart’

Persian American pop music star SHAB harnesses an alluring Latin fire on her latest single ‘Music to My Heart’, an incredibly empathic and assuring dance track that gives nod to iconic 00’s Latin Dance hits and combines them with rudiments of her Persian roots and a diligent pop beat to form a bustling dance floor anthem.

The single comes off of her new debut album ‘Infinite Love’, filled with a plethora of stand out tracks, which sparked as an instant hit around the US. ‘Music to My Heart’ explores an un-penetrable love, that burns with a candescent flame. There is something so infectious about this track, with its idiomatic sax hook, fluctuating vocal melodies bursting with flavour and upbeat party atmosphere.

Produced in collaboration with Grammy-winning Domon Sharpe (Ariana Grande & Jennifer Lopez) the enthralling pop-leaning new single serves as an inescapable dance-pop hit and becomes impossible not to move whilst listening to it. The track’s mesmerising production creates an invigorating feel-good tone, filled with the delicate detail that has been added really solidifies the single’s dance anthem offering.  The track features a verse with the unmistakable Martinez Twins, 20-year-old Spanish twin brothers who own a fandom that spans out across social media platforms, collectively creating a vast 28 million following.

Paired with the single comes a gripping music video, set in a tranquil Latin town. Packed with bright vibrant colours and dancers that create a flourishing atmosphere, the video focuses the attention on the gaze and connection between SHAB and her love interest. SHAB has created an incredibly memorable and noteworthy new single, that can surely be expected to be heard throughout dance floors everywhere.

Written by Emma

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