Shadow of Whales Releases Empowering Music Video for "Runaway"

Shadow of Whales Release Empowering Music Video for “Runaway”

Shadow of Whales is an indie-pop band from Austin, Texas consisting of Joshua Flores, Caleb Flores, Jeremy Boyum, Chris Fraga, and JD Vazquez. With their new single “Runaway”, these five musicians wanted to create a rebel anthem for this generation’s fight for individual freedom.

“Runaway” is featured on Shadow of Whales’ EP What We Do’, and takes the idealism of “Dream”, their first single released in 2014. In the music video for “Runaway” you see the life of a female protagonist named Jane.

“She, like many young and rambunctious souls, is not happy with where she is in life. She is shown to have multiple anchors holding her down, and in her boiling frustration, she evaluates herself and realizes she needs to make a change. She makes the decision to leave home and join Shadow of Whales on tour, where she learns valuable lessons about herself and the world around her.”

At one point in the video, Jane lights a flare which symbolizes that she has faced her demons and is taking control of her life again. And that’s how individual freedom should feel. YOU will always have control over your life. And YOU can always make it better if you keep fighting.

Check out the music video for “Runaway” below:

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Shadow of Whales:

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