Shining a Spotlight on Mental Health: Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells’ Latest Single

In a powerful endeavour to raise awareness about mental health during Mental Health Awareness Week, internationally acclaimed pop-rock band, Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells, has stepped forward to lend their voice to this crucial cause.


With their highly anticipated third single, titled ‘Are You Crazy’, the band aims to ignite meaningful conversations and shed light on the paramount significance of mental well-being. ‘Are You Crazy’ is not just another infectious pop-rock hit; it is a profound message reverberating throughout the world.


Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells’ latest anthem serves as a sonic supernova, encapsulating the very essence of the band while infusing it with an invigorating burst of rock energy. The track boasts an enthralling, arena-ready chorus that possesses the potential to captivate audiences on a global scale. Accompanied by soaring guitars and a resounding rhythm section, ‘Are You Crazy’ offers an auditory experience that resonates deep within the core of the soul. The vocals, delivered with raw power and genuine emotion, beckon listeners to partake in a cathartic release of energy and heartfelt connection.


Adam King, the frontman of Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells, comprehends the profound significance of open and honest discussions surrounding mental health. Having courageously battled clinical depression for numerous years, King’s personal journey informs his unwavering advocacy for mental health awareness. He accentuates the prevailing misunderstanding of mental illnesses, with many individuals hastily dismissing them as mere figments of one’s imagination. However, King fervently underscores that conditions such as depression and anxiety stem from intricate chemical imbalances within the brain, profoundly affecting the entire being. He passionately implores individuals to seek help when necessary and underscores the vital role of a robust support network, whether through medical professionals, therapy sessions, or the unwavering support of trusted friends and family members.


Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells’ latest single, ‘Are You Crazy’, serves as an empowering rallying cry for all those who have experienced the weight of mental illness. As the band gears up for the release of their highly anticipated sophomore album in September, their impact on the pop-rock scene continues to expand exponentially. Aliens Don’t Ring Doorbells not only enthrals audiences with their infectious music but also wields their platform to foster awareness and ignite essential conversations about mental health.


Written by Emma

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