Show Review: Ashe and Gavin Haley – Washington, DC

We got the chance to see Ashe, Gavin Haley and Charlie Burg at Union Stage in Washington, DC and we can’t stop playing their music now!

“Moms’s First Headline Tour,” presented by Ones To Watch, kicked off in Washington, DC on September 10 and it was met with tons of excitement for Ashe, Gavin Haley and Charlie Burg.

When Charlie and Gavin hit the stage for their respective sets, no one in the crowd was hesitant to sway and enjoy the music.

Considering Gavin’s latest single, “Show Me” has gotten over 230 thousands views on YouTube in a month, it’s not surprising that this was one of the most well-received songs of the night — the chorus of this song is memorable and catchy.

We were also big fans of “Better Off” — a song that paints a story for the listener that pulls and tugs at your emotions. It’s raw and emotional and feels almost too personal for the stage.

We will admit, however, that we’re suckers for acoustic renditions, each and every time.

And we don’t have enough good things to say about Ashe — her voice is insane, her stage presence is unprecedented and the music is just too good.

Considering this was night one of many, DC really brought the energy and love out to the show. Singing along at the top of their lungs, waving their arms along to the music and just being carefree, Ashe’s indie-pop/bedroom-pop vibe was well-received.

We loved seeing Ashe play the keyboard, bring out Gavin for an acoustic rendition and the overall energy she brought to the stage in DC.


We were seriously entertained during the first show of the “Mom’s First Headline Tour” — Ashe, Gavin Haley and Charlie Burg are all talented performers, with dedicated listeners who belt out the words whenever they get the opportunity.

We can’t wait to see what else these artists do on the tour!

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Written by Gloria

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