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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Sian Owen from The Circle

Last month Channel 4 launched a brand new reality series, The Circle and we got to chat to final 4 member Sian Owen. For three weeks the players lived in their own apartments and could only communicate via the specially-designed social media platform called The Circle. In order to work their way to the final players would rate the others and gain Influencer status to have the power to decide who leaves The Circle.

We loved watching the show unfold as players had doubts over if everyone was real, showed their true colours and when ratings came in the drama which unfolded. Loveable Sian regularly gained influencer status and even the ultimate accolade of Super Influencer with the power all in her hands. We along with many others loved how real Sian was, never being afraid to say what she thought so we knew she’d be great to have a chat to.

Hi Sian, how is life for you now you’re out of The Circle?

Amazing! The circle is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. So many opportunities have come up and it’s so exciting. I can’t believe the following I have on Instagram and the fans I’ve gained – it’s surreal.

What did you want to achieve by going on the show and did you achieve it?

I wanted to try and show that personality is more important than looks. In day to day life I often get judged on being 6ft 1 and blonde, people think I’m stupid or a bit stuck up but as soon as people get to know me they’re perceptions change. I think it’s way more important to have a good personality. By getting to the final, I think I defiantly achieved this and having so many young girls look up to me is amazing too.

One of our huge highlights of the show was when the final four met, you walked into the awkwardness of Dan and ‘Kate’ how did it feel for you to be in that position?

It was so overwhelming to finally meet the players, I was never going to be angry at anyone for being a catfish – that’s the point of the game. Dan seemed upset so I tried to lighten up the situation a bit, it was just so exciting to meet them.

It was the first time you got to meet your bestie Freddie in real life, how did he compare to what you were expecting?

He definitely didn’t compare to what I was expecting. Being in the circle, you can’t help but fill in the gaps of people and I never suspected Freds to be gay so I was shocked, to say the least. I’m so proud of his reasons for entering the circle and totally understand his game-plan.

What was the most memorable part of the show for you?

The most memorable part for me has got to be when I was chosen to be the super influencer. Its a feeling that’s really confusing, you’re so proud of yourself but gutted you have to then send someone home. It was horrible making that decision on my own but has definitely made me more independent as a person.

Social media; How was your own experience of it been? Any really positive or horror stories?

I love social media, since coming out of the circle, I couldn’t have wished for a better reception. It unreal the amount of positive messages I receive every day. I had a young girl at university message and say that during a sociology lecture they were discussing positive role models on social media and my name was mentioned 3 times. It blew me away.

Without even trying to you’ve become a role model for younger girls, seeing that being yourself really is the best way to be liked. What other advice would you give to younger readers who might be struggling whether this is online or in real life?

It’s such an amazing feeling, being the older sister I’ve always wanted my little sister to look up to me and having so many young girls do this on the internet is such an achievement for me. Advice that I would give is to learn to love yourself and love any ‘imperfections’ you may think you have because that’s what makes us all unique and individual. I used to hate my height because it was different at school to be so tall but I can’t change it, so why not embrace it? I’ve learnt to now love my height.

You were one of the most loved players in The Circle, regularly gaining Influencer status. Did you ever expect to be as well received by the other players as you were?

Never. I kept saying it was a ‘fluke’, I was honestly shocked because you just never know how people are perceiving you. It was a great feeling though, my self-confidence was really lifted.

If you could do your time on the show again what would you change? Would you be tempted to be a catfish this time or still play it real?

If I could do the show again I would be tempted to play a catfish, just for the fun of it. But, I I could, I wouldn’t change a single thing that I did in the circle, no regrets! 

What’s next on the cards for you; aside from a lot of catch ups with The Circle pals?

Hopefully get back on the telly! I love it, I really want to empower young women and maybe even collab with a fashion brand for a tall section, it’s all very exciting.

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Written by Nicola Craig

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