Simple Plan’s 5 Most Underrated Songs!

Teens all over the world have jammed to Simple Plan songs such as “I’m Just A Kid” since the early 2000’s pop-punk era. Their lyrics spoke to us through tales of teenage angst, embracing life as an underdog, and going wild ever now and then. They taught us that everyone has highs and lows during the so-called best years of our lives.

Even today, the French-Canadian rockers are still going strong! Their new album Taking One For The Team will be available February 19th. Can’t stand the wait? Let’s look back at some of the tracks from each album that haven’t quite gotten the spotlight they deserve.

  1. One Day

Album: No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls (2002)

This track from Simple Plan’s debut studio album showed one thing we’ve all thought about while growing up: finally moving out. Parents try, but they don’t always get it. Whether you’re seven or 17, no curfew, no chores, no feeling trapped in your own home has seemed pretty appealing. Then again, where would pop-punk be if everyone understood?

2. Crazy

Album: Still Not Getting Any… (2004)

This is when Simple Plan started turning up the dial of teenage defiance. You’re not alone while facing these problems-but these problems shouldn’t even exist in the first place. To say the least, “Crazy” is an emotional whirlwind. So many thoughts rushing around in a teenager’s mind are covered, from personal issues to watching society crumble before your eyes.

3. Holding On

Album: Simple Plan (2008)

The self-titled album had more of a focus on the good and the bad of relationships, and most of the more memorable tracks had an emphasis on relationships gone sour, backed by heavy guitars. “Holding On” is the light at the end of the tunnel with an upbeat melody. Despite anything going on in life, this song helps fans find a reason to keep holding on.

4. Never Should Have Let You Go

Album: Get Your Heart On! (2011)

Let’s not beat around the bush-the band took more of a pop approach to this album. However, “Never Should Have Let You Go” is an exception. Not all fans are aware of this bonus track, but those who are absolutely love it. When you hear a simple piano intro interrupted by strong guitars, you know it’s a Simple Plan song that’s going to mess with your emotions. Let’s not get into that key change, either. This track reflects post-breakup regret. You’re never too punk to show that you miss someone.

5. Try

EP: Get Your Heart On – The Second Coming! (2013)

After four albums of angst, love, and living it up, “Try” is about owning up to your mistakes or flaw, then promising to try and be a better version of yourself. This track might not have the energy most Simple Plan songs have at first, but the vulnerability of simplicity and a slow buildup create more of a focus on the amazing lyrics.

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Written by Kath Jiang

Western University grad, music lover, and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.

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