Six Underrated Ariana Grande Songs

With Ariana Grande recently releasing a Christmas EP and teasing at new music, we noticed that she has many underrated songs. Even though we can’t stop listening to “Focus” there are many tunes that seem to have been forgotten about and don’t get the recognition they deserve. As we are in the transition from the My Everything-era to the Moonlight-era, let’s take a look into some of the best yet underrated Ariana Grande songs thus far.

6. Pink Champagne

“Pink Champagne” was the third song announced by Grande intending to be on her debut album Yours Truly. When the album was released, however, it was revealed that the song was not on the tracklist. As a thank you to her fans, she released the song when she hit 10 million followers on Twitter. Many new fans were first introduced to this song on her 2015 world tour as it was never released for digital download or for sale.

5. Tattooed Heart


“Tattooed Heart” is the fourth song on Grande’s first album Yours Truly. The song displays her incredible vocal talent in both studio version and in live performances. When watching live performances of this song, it’s incredibly easy to be hypnotized by the amount of passion that is put into every note, which is probably why so many Arianators title this as one of the best songs that Grande performs on tour.

4. You Don’t Know Me

Giving a vibe that is appealing to many different music listeners, “You Don’t Know Me” could easily be one of Grande’s best tracks off of her second album My Everything. This song steers her away from the image as a bubblegum pop singer and reflects different music tastes. Although it has never been sung live, we can only imagine how quickly we would need to take a moment and sit down before passing out from her killer vocals and choreography.

3. Why Try

Arianators looked forward to the performance of “Why Try” at every stop of the Honeymoon Tour to see what Grande would be doing with her gloves. gloves are a device that add effects that you would usually just see in a studio version, and make them possible to sing live. This track is one where everytime you listen to it, no matter how long you have been listening to it, will send shivers down your spine and just for that simple fact, it deserves a lot more recognition than what it currently has.

2. Only 1

If you still think of Ariana Grande as someone who has every song sounding the same, with the same lyrics, same beats, surely “Only 1” will change your mind. Every time this song is listened to, our hope for R&B Ariana rising, goes up a bit more. Many fans were rooting for this song to be released as a single or to at least be sung on the Honeymoon Tour but were disappointed when neither happened. Grande did tease the track at one show and fans went wild.

1. Be My Baby (feat. Cashmere Cat)

“Be My Baby” also known as the iconic song where Grande shows off her impressive vocal range. With no doubt, this song should have been a single off of her grammy nominated album My Everything. Everything about the song is perfect, from the choreography in live performances, to the killer vocals in both live and studio versions. Sadly, not many people outside of Grande’s fanbase know about the song, even though it is one of the best songs that has been released from her.

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Written by CelebMix