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SJ Hill Releases Debut Single ‘Take My Time’ With Aka and Sole

Here at CelebMix, we love introducing our readers to new music, and SJ Hill’s debut track ‘Take My Time,’ along with artists Aka and Sole, is no exception. Make sure you keep reading to check out our review of the single.

The single is extremely relaxed and chilled. Just like any track, when there are several individuals involved, it leads to several different creative inputs, and overall creates a unique and diverse musical sound.

From listening to the track, it is extremely evident that a range of musical influences have been drawn upon to create such an excellent track.

‘I let her ride, she let me roll, I take my time.’ 

Not only does this track showcase SJ’s vocals, but the rap section in the bridge gives the track an added edge.

The track is extremely varied and different to anything in the current charts, which truly adds to its uniqueness and will no doubt be stuck in your head for a long time after you first hear the track.

The track is available to listen to on Spotify, the link to which is below:

Speaking exclusively to CelebMix about the track, SJ Hill said:

‘This track is a really nice R&B song that a lot of people will relate to. It’s a really chilled vibe, and is probably the best track that I’ve made so far. I’m really excited because this is my first official release and single on a big platform like Spotify. I hope people will like it, as nothing makes me happier than when people vibe and like your original content.

‘This was a team effort; Sole produced the track and has done such a great job on the beat, and my vocals and Aka’s rapping brings such a unique style to the song. It has been a great team effort from all of us and we are all very happy with the outcome of the song.’ 

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Written by Rachel Dempster