Skinny Living Make Their Welcome Return With New Track ‘I Still Love You’

Four-piece band Skinny Living – comprising of members Ryan Johnston (Vocals), Will Booth (Guitar/Vocals), Danny Hepworth (Guitar/Vocals) and Rhys Anderton (Cajon/Vocals) have unveiled their new track ‘I Still Love You,’ released through Atlas Artists.

The emotive track has truly captivating and heart-breaking vocals, with the track also showcasing the band’s phenomenal music abilities and vocals. The simplicity of ‘I Still Love You’ makes it an exceptionally beautiful and moving track.

When speaking about the new track, member Ryan Johnston explains:

“This song is nothing more than a love song. It was first written with the intent to say ‘I love you,’ but through the process of writing. It became a song reaching out through the pain and challenges of a testing relationship to attempt to put into words unconditional love. It shows a want for a moment of peace within the madness, a need for recognition that neither are getting any younger and a request to put the past aside. Not to forget it, but to forgive it and attempt to restore some of the passion lost by dark times. 

The guitar tone is warm and distinctive, mirroring the emotion and soul of the vocal. Releasing a live version of this song was really important to us, because it gives the performance freedom from the restriction of time and lets its unique structure move naturally with the classic instrumentation which in itself was a conscious decision, so not to muddy up the sentiment and direct nature of the lyric.”

The release of ‘I Still Love You’ follows the recent announcement of Skinny Living’s March 2019 headline tour, which will see them headlining venues around the UK & Ireland. For a full list of tour dates and to buy tickets to the tour, make sure you click here.

You can purchase ‘I Still Love You’ from iTunes by clicking here. The track can also be streamed on Spotify here. Additionally, the track is available to purchase through other responsible music purchasing outlets.

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Written by Rachel Dempster