“So baby, bye bye bye” – Apink come back with “I’m so sick” music video

Apink have released their seventh mini-album “One & Six”, which contains 6 brand new songs, as well the music video for the track “I’m so sick”.

The 6-member South Korean girlgroup, best known for their iconic track “No no no” and other famous songs such as “LUV” and “Mr. Chu”, have drastically changed their concept this time. The music video is darker than usual and gives a more mature image of the girls. It also reached one million views in the hours that followed its release.

The song has a hint of an 80s vibe and a very particular song progression which perfectly illustrates the story that Apink are telling. Indeed, the lyrics are about their choice of ending a relationship that ran on lies and in which they didn’t share the other person’s feelings. The beginning of the melody during the verses is joyful and gives the impression that they are living a happy relationship… until they say “I’m a liar”. During the following parts, the melody changes and they start singing about their honest feelings, the chorus being their realization that the relationship cannot go on.

Their album “One & Six” shows how versatile Apink are; “Alright” has a retro vibe, “Don’t be silly” is a chill song, “And stars” – written by Namjoo – is a ballad, “You rather than words” is cute and innocent and “I like that kiss” is happy and energetic.

Pink pandas have been extremely well-fed today as the girls not only released their mini-album and the “I’m so sick” MV, but also its dance practice, in which the fans can see Chorong, Bomi, Eunji, Naeun, Namjoo and Hayoung perform the dance routine.


A few days ago, just before their comeback, Apink had already showed a part of the song and choreography on the show “Knowing Bros”.

We can only look forward to Apink’s promotions and other show appearances! What do you think of their comeback? Let us know on Twitter using @CelebMix !

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