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Songs we’d love Harry Styles to cover

Here at CelebMix we love listening to music and we often find ourselves listening to songs and thinking oh we’d love to hear Harry Styles cover this track. So we’ve put together a list of songs we’d love to hear him cover.

What Side Of Love- Parachute

We’d love to see what Harry would do with this one, we think he’d make it quite an emotional listening experience. as he’s taken classic songs in the past like Fleetwood Mac’s Chains, Little Big Town’s Girl Crush and Shania Twain’s Still The One and put his own stamp on them.

In My Blood- The Veronicas

This one is a bit different to things we’ve seen Harry perform, so we’d love to see him strip it back and put his own twist on it.



Selfless- Jesse McCartney

We are cheating slightly with this one, as it’s a yet to be released song, which Jesse McCartney played on tour last year. But we loved it and thought it would be an interesting song for Harry to cover, as he seems to like covering a song that has emotional meaning, and this song talks about knowing and loving someone who is Selfless, and we think he’d do a brilliant job covering it.



I Won’t Give Up- Jason Mraz

This was suggested on Twitter when we published a similar article for Harry’s 1D bandmate Louis Tomlinson, but we liked it for Harry as well. We think it would be absolutely stunning if Harry and Louis recorded it as a duet and released it for charity! Musically both guys voices compliment the other and they often harmonised together on tracks like You & I, Little Black Dress, Better Than Words and 18. So this song is we think if it was done solo or as duet would be one of the most stunning covers.

Still Falling For You- Ellie Goulding

Ok…so this bare with us here. Close your eyes. Imagine Hary stood on the B Stage, in a fabulous Harris Reed or Gucci outfit. Spotlight on him. Just him and his guitar singing an acoustic version of this Ellie Goulding classic, and you’ll see why we picked it!

Fall For You- Secondhand Serenade

An old classic by Secondhand Serenade. We think Harry could do a really interesting version of this and really mix it up.





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