Sophia Grace’s New Music Video Is Upliftingly Adorable

Ellen DeGeneres is notorious for finding the world’s most adorable kids. She brought us Brielle, the adorable 3 year old girl with more knowledge than a college professor. She brought us Tayt, her insanely cute “boyfriend” who was born with only half a heart and truly encompasses Dory’s message of “just keep swimming”. She also brought us Macie, the presidential expert extraordinaire. But none of her guests have really blown up like the adorable Sophia Grace, and the release of her latest music video, ‘Girl in the Mirror’, shows that she isn’t just the little girl from The Ellen Show.

Sophia Grace first came to The Ellen Show as part of the duo, Sophia Grace and Rosie. The pair of best friends got their break to fame with their rendition of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’. But soon, the girls’ fame grew, with them appearing on Ellen’s show a number of times. The two would attend endless red carpet events, interview world famous celebrities, and star in their own Ellen Show segment, Tea with Sophia Grace and Rosie. The duo even appeared in their own movie together, Sophia Grace and Rosie’s Royal Adventure.

But it seems as though Sophia Grace was the one who was really made for Hollywood. Her fame didn’t end with The Ellen Show. Since her first appearance, she’s released a few singles and music videos and posted countless videos of herself on her YouTube channel covering songs by some of the biggest female artists of our time. It’s clear from her Twitter page that she’s been a busy little girl with a career that’s only going to continue to grow.

The latest from Sophia Grace is her newest music video, ‘Girl in the Mirror’. It’s catchy, adorable, uplifting, and inspiring, and it’s a song that young girls and teens definitely need. She may only be thirteen, but her maturity is evident through her lyrics, which discuss self-confidence, body image issues, and self-acceptance.

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Written by CelebMix