SOPHIE releases new single ‘Faceshopping’

Illusive producer turned pop aficionado SOPHIE has dropped her new single ‘Faceshopping’. It follows up her previous two singles ‘It’s Okay To Cry’ and ‘Ponyboy’ in the lead up to her album Whole New World that’s rumoured to be released this year.

‘Faceshopping’ is an ode to the world of plastic surgery, with lyrics such as “Artificial bloom / Hydroponic skin / Chemical release / Synthesise the real” layered over an electronic and signature SOPHIE beat. The Scottish born producer’s frequent collaborator Mozart’s Sister features on vocals. ‘Faceshopping’ initially premiered at SOPHIE’s debut event ‘Open Beta’ in October 2017 – and had been cropping up at her live shows after that. When the song was showing up on Shazam towards the end of January, rumours of a February release sprung up online – and they were correct!

The gorgeous single cover art for “Faceshopping”.

A product of A.G. Cook’s experimental pop label PC Music, SOPHIE’s signature sound has taken the industry by storm since her debut in 2013. Her jarring, fascinating  and unique beats got her noticed as as front runner in a new pop sound, leading to her producing for established artists like Mø, Charli XCX and even Madonna on her and Nicki Minaj’s 2015 banger ‘B*tch I’m Madonna’.

SOPHIE, real name Sophie Long, was known for keeping out of the spotlight over the first few years of her career, rarely being seen or photographed unless she was performing live. She surprised fans when she released the video for ‘Its Okay To Cry’, which is a raw and closely shot video of the star that’s surprisingly moving, and a big departure from the mystery she’s known for.

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Written by Harrison Brocklehurst

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