Soul pop artist Ella McCready shares her debut EP “BREATHE”

London based singer-songwriter Ella McCready shared a debut EP titled “Breathe.” Having released 7 singles in the space of a year, Ella has been working hard at creating a space for herself in the industry as a hugely powerful vocalist and songwriter.

“Breathe” features five soul-pop singes that expose Ella McCready as a talented performer who delivers polished, and relatable music. Her voice carries all of her personal stories, and proves the authenticity, and vulnerability “Breathe” represents. Ella McCready’s debut is a creative fusion, and a soothing collection of pop, indie, and soul sounds.

The first single to be released from the EP was ‘What it’s Worth’, this is a song about
songwriting. But more broadly speaking, it’s a song about the cost of sharing your art with
the world. It takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to be able to open yourself up to other
people’s opinions on something you’ve created;” it feels like ‘offering up your soul’, as the
song goes.

The Lead single from the EP is “I Choose You” a song that encompasses the emotion of the
whole EP, with an anthemic, uplifting ending showcasing Ella’s powerful vocals. The whole
album touches on the feelings of hurt, contentment, powerlessness, gratitude and self love
and all drawn from Ella’s personal experiences. ‘I Choose You’ actually helped me make one
of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make in the last year. I had been through a messy and
difficult break up that had been entirely instigated by a man I was very much in love with. A
month had gone by and then he’d come back into my life asking for a second chance. I
walked into a writing session knowing that what I walked out with would be a song about
him, but not knowing whether it would be positive or negative. I think the extremely uplifting
nature of this track says it all – ‘I choose to love and not to hate’.

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Written by Magdalena

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