Promotional photo for "CRANIOTØMY" which sees the band SØUNDHOOSE standing as a trio for a photo shoot. Two band members, Brandon Smith and Jeremy Bauer are standing with their guitars over opposite shoulders so the guitar necks cross in the middle of the image. In front of them is Paul Burns who is kneeling down. He has shoulder-length curly blonde hair and he has his drumsticks in his hands and is posing with them in an X presentation.

SØUNDHOOSE go all-in with their new album “CRANIOTØMY” opening the safe discussion of mental health

Not holding back at all with their brand new album is SØUNDHOOSE with “CRANIOTØMY”. The exciting alternative rock pop-punk-inspired LP welcomes the process of talking through mental health and the warfare that can be going on inside one’s head. The release of this album follows up the fifth single release from this album, titled “Phobia”.

SØUNDHOOSE are a three-piece indie-rock band, formed in 2019, consisting of Brandon Smith (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Bauer (bass), and Paul Burns (drums). Their unapologetic style mixed with the open free ideology with the hope to create a safe space for everyone to discuss what they are going through, just shows that there is a place for us all in rock music. In doing so, they’ve created a solid fanbase that has been growing over the past four years. Their music has gone on to receive tens of thousands of streams on Spotify alone, with the band also managing to perform at iconic venues including Whiskey A Go Go, The Viper Room, Molly Malone’s, Blackrose LA, and The Mint. They also made their debut TV appearance towards the end of last year, on CBS’s Sounds of the Underground.

Talking about their new album, SØUNDHOOSE’s vocalist, Brandon Smith, said: “’CRANIOTØMY’ is a culmination of the mental warfare that is depression, seclusion, paranoia, anxiety, toxicity, and all the feelings that one might consider themselves weak if he/she/they admit they succumb to. Mental health is the backbone of our material and no matter the age, gender or sexual preference, we want our songs about these dark subjects to be powerful, danceable, and to be a way that the conversation of mental health can be discussed freely without any judgment.”

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Written by the band themselves, “CRANIOTØMY” is a 15-track album that blurs the lines between rock’n’roll, pop-punk, and alternative-indie-rock, really showcasing SØUNDHOOSE’s versatile talent. The LP opens with “Ghosted” introducing the trio to us, allowing each member to shine with some awesome instrumental sections while Brandon Smith doesn’t hold back with the vocals, adding passion and meaning to the intricate lyrics that tell the story of something not being quite right inside your head, mentally. SØUNDHOOSE don’t shy away from mental health and instead, they transfer it into their songs, almost transforming the album into a therapy session. “Runner” spreads confidence with a hard-rock production, “Phobia” has a dark punk-rock edge to it, and “Loner” impresses with a pop-rock vibe paired with honest lyrics about loneliness – something a lot of people need to talk about more.

The fifth track on the album is “Deep End” which sees SØUNDHOOSE strip it back and bring a rock-ballad energy for the verses mixed with alternative-rock choruses bringing an interesting atmosphere that links well with the lyrics of the song as Brandon Smith sings about needing to have someone for support to stop him drowning. “The Burns Effect” follows, surprising the “CRANIOTØMY” listeners with electronica-rock that truly allows Jeremy Bauer and Paul Burns to shine whilst we also get some spoken word, easily making this stand out. “Enemy” and “Addicted” turn back to hard rock bringing fired-up vocals and passionate lyrics. The ninth track is “Save Me”, highlighting Brandon Smith’s vocals with an alternative-rock backing track and backing vocals which complement his voice as he sings about needing someone to save him.

“I Don’t Mind It” is the tenth track of the album, delving more into pop-rock which complements SØUNDHOOSE brilliantly, suiting the trio in every way, whilst the lyrics delve into how a toxic relationship can affect someone mentally and while others suggest getting help or therapy, you’re the one that doesn’t realise how the toxicity harms. “The Call, Pt. 1” is an answering machine message which introduces “Friendzone” which blazes in with full instrumental rock before the vocals kick in 40 seconds in as they discuss the mentality of being stuck in the friend zone, painting a relatable story. The track leads into “The Call, Pt. 2” which is another answering message from the same woman who hasn’t heard from the person she friend-zoned for a while, and she leaves a second message saying how she’s mad that this person has ghosted on her – but sometimes you need to focus on you and if that means ending a friendship because you wanted more and they didn’t, then that’s the right thing for you to do.

The penultimate track, “Just A Name” continues to show SØUNDHOOSE’s incredible punk-rock energy and follows up the previous three tracks as the lyrics delve into ending a friendship that was toxic and leaving that part of their lives in the past. The album ends with “Mood Swings” which completely strips it back into an acoustic composition as the band realises the toxicity they’ve described in the previous 14 tracks, and how difficult it all is mentally, and yet by singing them out loud and having someone to talk to is helpful. Overall, “CRANIOTØMY” is a stunning 15-track LP that certainly opens the conversation around mental health, and SØUNDHOOSE have really delved deep within themselves and been completely open and honest, whilst also gifting their listeners with a hugely versatile sound that is sure to relate and resonate with many music fans around the world, allowing them to search inside themselves and improve the stigma around mental health.

Listen to our favourite tracks from the album, “The Burns Effect” and “Mood Swings” here:

“CRANIOTØMY”, by SØUNDHOOSE, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms.

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