Why Sounds Live Feels Live has been the best 5SOS tour yet!

So 5SOS have recently started their North American leg of the Sounds Live Feels Live tour and we have never been more alive! So many amazing things have come out of this tour for all the lucky people who went and the people watching through their screens, so here are a few reasons why:
1. The Video Diaries
There’s not much to say about this one. If you’ve watched them, you’ll know but if you haven’t, go grab some popcorn and watch them NOW because you’re missing out! We’ve had green screen adventures, 5SOS’ cover of the cup song and actual Michael Clifford singing ‘Hello’ by Adele. It’s what I call heaven on a screen. Not to mention the ‘How to Rock’ video, absolutely amazing.

2. No Injuries So Far!
*TOUCH WOOD* Rock Out With Your Socks Out was a particularly painful tour (especially for Michael). Luke had laryngitis, Michael fell over (several times), Calum and Michael got burnt by the pyrotechnics in London which meant that they couldn’t finish the show due to injuries, and many more mishaps. Let’s just hope all keeps running smoothly for this tour!
3. New Music
On previous tours, 5SOS have only had songs to perform from their debut album which came out in 2014 (along with some others) which means that SLFL is completely new for fans and 5SOS themselves. They still play a few songs from their first album, but the setlist mainly consists of newer songs and ones like ‘Disconnected’ which weren’t on the album, but are extremely popular with the fans. This means that we’ll eventually have to kiss goodbye to songs like Voodoo Doll BUT it also means we’e getting new music! (@ 5SOS, please put Girls Talk Boys on the setlist after it’s released)
4. Their Snapchats
Since the boys made their account late last year, this is the first tour they’ve been on with an account to document everything on and it’s been great. We’ve seen what happens if you were to steal Ashton’s drum kit (He’s bringing FIRE), what goes on before shows, which soup is the soup of the day and an inside look at their tour playlist and trust us, you’ll want to know too! (Their snapchat is ‘wearefivesos’)
5. Their little songs for each city
They did this a couple of times last year, but their songs themed on the city/country they perform in this year are well and truly the best. On the UK leg of the tour, they also did a cover of a band who came from the city they performed in (for example, they sang ‘wonderwall’ by Oasis who are from Manchester) and it was the best thing since sliced bread.
We think these are THE top reasons but if you have any more, tweet us them at @CelebMix

Written by CelebMix