South Park bases first episode of new series around Caitlyn Jenner

This article may contain spoilers

Wednesday night saw the start of the 19th series of South Park and introduced a brand new character; a very PC new principal. The headmaster wants to get rid of the town prejudices and ignorant thinking individuals towards different types of people. He wants to stop calling the only black student ‘Token’ and stops the usage of such words as ‘retard.’

Caitlyn Jenner is the main buzz around the Colorado town as most see her as a hero. However, Kyle does not share this view and still sees her as a man. Due to this opinion he receives two weeks of detention.

Cartman, always seen as the least PC member of the group, tries to frame the new principal but fails and is beaten up by the new head. Kyle does give in and finally admits that Jenner is a ‘stunning’ woman.

The collective feedback on twitter and publications have given this episode positive reviews as South Park has a reputation for being somewhat offensive on topics such as these. Feminist website The Bustle said the episode was: ‘Stunning and Brave’ and ‘went better than expected.’

Entertainment Weekly thought that this episode marked the turning point of South Park as the show had usually been: ‘crass and base stereotyping.’

Written by CelebMix