Spotify Surprises Zayn’s Fans With a Short Interview

Along with the release of Zayn’s debut album Mind Of Mine, Spotify did an amazing thing for his loyal fans. They shared a video of the singer answering some questions, specifically about his musical influences, with Zayn’s top Spotify listeners.

They asked him about artists like Prince, Usher and R. Kelly influencing the album, since the singer has previously talked about them inspiring him.

“I think it is all kinds of just underline different things I took from each of them people. You know, just listening to their music and you know, playing some songs fifty times over on repeat. You kind of pick up certain things, like the way you might pronounce certain letter or phrase or whatever, but nothing like copying, you know what I mean, right? I haven’t tried to like, rip anything off from them, I’m just kind of just being influenced along the way by some certain things you might hear in the ref or whatever, so, yeah, just little things, hopefully, you’ll hear it on the album.”

After being asked if there’s any particular song where we could possibly hear these musical influences, the singer answered that the song “dRuNk” is one of these tracks.

Moreover, Zayn has also revealed that Malay Ho’s work of Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange was one of the deciding factors of working with him. He said that Malay is a very cool guy who likes to tell everything he knows. According to Zayn, Malay also really likes capturing the genuine qualities and the real perspective of the artist.

We couldn’t be more excited for the next steps Zayn is going to make!

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Written by CelebMix