EP Review: Steel Union’s Self-Titled Debut EP

It’s only been a few days since Steel Union released their promotional video for their debut EP. It was released on Friday, and we literally cannot get enough of the four tracks. This has been a long-time coming but we’re grateful to have this trio’s music blasting through our speakers.

This three-piece country band consists of Rachel Potter, Donny Fallgatter, and Josh Matheny. They’ve been creating musical waves ever since they announced the group. Many of you will probably recognise Rachel Potter from either the third season of The X Factor (US) where she placed eleventh or her collaborations with Voice Play which went viral and are still being shared today.

This debut EP is the first stepping-stone of Steel Union’s career. The self-titled effort is a masterpiece, to say the least. It contains four amazing tracks that we can’t help but listen on repeat.

They remind us of a young Lady Antebellum, yet with a much more current pop-sound. Very powerful vocals throughout, all four tracks stand alone beautifully. By the end, we are wishing for more.

The EP blasts in with the first track “Stereotype”. This is very deep and full of emotion during the verses, yet the chorus is beyond powerful. It’s fired-up with Steel Union impressing with their harmonies and vocals. It really launches the group, showcasing what we should expect from the EP.

Next up is “Single Life”. It starts off laid-back, almost an ode to the old country ballads from the past. The song takes us on a journey making every listener understand the lyrics. Soon enough, the hard-hitting chorus kicks in and spins the track into a more current vibe. Once again, this trio impresses every listener.

“If I Don’t Love You” surprises the audience as Donny Fallgatter starts the song off with his brilliant vocals; the previous two songs, Rachel Potter sang first. It’s another story-telling song that works well right after “Single Life”. It’s quite the country relaxer of an anthem, showcasing the diversity of Steel Union. Totally personal, heartfelt, and full on emotional; this track is a total must-listen and one of our favourites on the EP.

Now, this EP ends with the best track of all, the one all Steel Union fans will know. “Slide” is a brilliant upbeat track that is full of rhythm. The trio shine throughout this track. If there’s one track that Steel Union will be known for, it will be this amazing song. It’s a hot wild country track that is incredibly catchy. Expect to be singing “Slide” by the end.

Listen To Steel Union’s EP Sampler Here:

As a whole, this EP is one we all need in our lives. Steel Union has awesome vocals, tracks that are literally on fire, and pure determination to make a name for themselves. This is one country trio that deserves success and a bright future. We reckon they’ll be a group we’ll all be talking about in the future.

So, support this group right now by streaming and downloading their self-titled EP! You definitely won’t be disappointed. We cannot stop listening to it, ourselves.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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