Stefano May Captivates With Awe-Inspiring Vocals on His Acoustic Version of “We Are The Power”

Stefano May is a triumphant vocalist and pianist who uses music to heal others through inspired lyricism and groundbreaking piano arrangements. His anthemic single “We Are The Power” encourages people everywhere to work together in harmony to overcome challenges and achieve new heights of greatness by leaning on each other for support. His newly released acoustic version of the song is a softer, deeply personal take on the extraordinary matter and genuine energy that remains at the heart of “We Are The Power.”

Stefano plays the keyboard alongside the accomplished guitarist Nikola Stajic for a mellow and muted intimate recording session. The acoustics elevate Stefano’s celestial vocals to the surface as he rises above the centered notes of piano and guitar with powerful belts and affectionate softness. The fluid nature of the dialed back recording session gives Stefano the opportunity to take risks as a vocalist and allot new meaning to the lyrics through intentional choices and emotive grace. Stefano reminds us, “We are so much stronger than we seem.” The acoustic version of “We Are The Power” leans into the embedded interpersonal connection that the lyrics suggest and offers warmhearted inspiration to listeners through embodied vocals and gentle sonics.

Stefano was born and raised in Soveria Mannelli, a small town in Italy in the southern region of Calabria. He now lives in Miami as a LGBTQ+ artist, dedicated to pursuing his passion of helping others through music.

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Show Date:

54 Below in NYC on January 18th


Written by LeahBlack

Los Angeles based writer / music and animal enthusiast