Steve Edwards’ New Album ‘Born’ Reaches #1 On iTunes In France, Poland, Romania, Jordan, Armenia & Israel

Steve Edwards’ solo album Born just reached #1 on iTunes in France, Poland, Romania, Jordan, Armenia, and Israel within the first week of release. This is yet another milestone in the artist’s career, as he keeps is new album as honest and as personal as possible. “This time around, I wanted to keep things real and write songs for people like me who have lived a bit of life,” the artist said about the creation of Born.

Modern rock artist Steve Edwards stuns crowds with new album Born featuring 10 powerful tracks that show the artist at the apex of his talent. Bouncing between genre and mood, Steve Edwards delivers impressive vocals accompanied by incredible musical soundscapes that are capable of transporting the listeners into worlds unknown.

Check out Born by Steve Edwards below:


Written by Magdalena

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