He’s Back! Steve Grand Releases New Single “Walking”

Steve Grand has brought out some new music that we definitely can’t get enough of. “Walking” will become the first single from his second studio album; written and recorded all by himself; he also co-produced the song along with Tim Palmer. A lyric video showing behind-the-scenes clips was also released alongside the single. He has also revealed that a music video will follow soon.

The album is planned to be out in a few months. This first single is a fun and lighter tone compared to other album tracks, which will dive deeper into emotions. The single is a charity single for the first seven days, with 100% of the proceeds going to Rainbow Railroad.

Watch The Lyric Video To “Walking” By Steve Grand Here:

The song reminds us of the jovial tracks from his debut album such as “Whiskey Crime”, “Stay”, and “Soaking Wet”; the latter of which was never released as a single and therefore never got a music video, much to our dismay; however, we happily support new music from this singer-songwriter instead.

Steve Grand impresses as always with his incredibly emotional vocals, that makes viewers and listeners feel empathy. Most of his target audience know exactly where he’s coming from with his lyrics and it’s so genuine to have someone using music to express the thoughts, feelings, and questions we all have from time to time.

This single is no “All-American Boy“, that’s for sure; but, it’s more of a transitional single. Steve Grand has promised that the music that follows is more gritty and real; we can’t wait to hear those tracks.

The lyric video shows short clips of Steve Grand. Most of them are behind-the-scenes visuals of creating this new album, as well as clips from his various gigs. We loved seeing him build his scary vocal booth, as well as some of the merch he has been selling on his official site – which are still available to buy now; the money he earns from his merch helps to fund his second studio album, since he is an independant artist.

Check Out Steve Grand Talking About “Walking” And His Lyric Video Here:

In the video above, he admits that he created the lyric video himself, which took him eight hours – more like ten hours. Remember, all proceeds from the first seven days – what Steve Grand would normally earn from the single – will go to Rainbow Railroad. The charity supports LGBT people, giving them safe havens from violence, murder and persecution.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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