STREAM: Vandana – “Contra” EP

NYC based singer and model Vandana has just dropped her latest EP, “Contra”.

Vandana - "Contra" EP artwork

  1. “ASHA (Raat Baaki)”
  2. “ASHLIA (Zoo Zoo Zoobie)”
  3. “AIZAN (Boom Boom)”
  4. “TARSUN (Kinna Sohna Tenu)”
  5. “ATAL (Raina Beeti Jaye)”

The EP is a five-track collection of reworked songs that put a modern twist on Pakistani and Indian classics from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Vandana wrote and produced every song on the EP.

Speaking of the EP, she revealed: “Contra comprises of re-imaginations of Indian and Pakistani songs from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, a lot of them being pretty ahead of the curve that they still sound magical today.

“Going back to my roots and connecting with it musically delivered some sort of cosmic liberation from my hard held beliefs.  

“My attempt has not been to remix or cover these songs but to re-imagine a more self serving and intimate contemplation — a meeting of two worlds and very authentic to me.”

Vandana also mentioned that all of the songs on the EP are very well known to both Indians and Pakistanis, and that the creation process of the EP allowed her to ‘rediscover’ the songs she had listened to growing up, whilst experimenting with them.

“I’ve re-imagined and composed all the melodies and instrumentation from scratch, without the use of any samples,” she said.

The singer previously released a music video for the EP’s first release, “ASHA (Raat Baaki)”, which was shot in Jordan and led to her and her crew’s arrest as local officials feared they were practicing witchcraft.

Vandana’s music is usually rooted in fusing dark wave electronica with alt-pop, so this new EP is a departure from her previous work.

“Contra” is officially out today (9 August) and you can stream it below:

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