Viola Davis & Jennifer Lopez lift Lila & Eve

Recently Emmy-nominated actress Viola Davis plays the distraught mother of a gunned-down teenager in Lila & Eve. While seeking support in a group for mothers who’ve lost their children to violence, she meets Eve, played by Jennifer Lopez. Both are infuriated by the low level of priority the Atlanta police place on the investigations of minority teen deaths as opposed to whites.

Eve refuses to offer much about her past, but eventually helps Lila to face the doubt, hurt and guilt that plague her when prescription drugs and crying just don’t work. She also forces Lila to face her need for justice.

When they decide to go ask questions on the corner where Lila’s son was killed, the plan goes terribly awry and they themselves end up committing murder. But it doesn’t end there. They still want – no, need – answers to those questions, and the closer they get to them, the more dead bodies pile up.

The film is a mild commentary on violence, loss and inequality within the U. S. criminal justice system. Were it not for the fine performances of Davis and Lopez, it would have just remained that. But despite some awkward holes in the editing, it stands as solid 3-star fare. The surprise plot twist doesn’t hurt either.

Written by CelebMix