Suicide Squad

We all like a little joke now and then but is Jared Leto’s jokes up to scratch with the man who created the joker into such a lovable rogue… Heath Ledger!

The fans of comic con got their first taste of the Suicide Squad movie set to come out in 2016.

The trailer was leaked by one of the fans during comic con and thanks to the wonders of the internet it is now virtually everywhere.

The trailer shines light on Jared Leto and how good he really is as the joker and also received a huge cheer when his character first appeared on the screen.

At one point the joker says “i’m not gonna kill you, i’m just gonna hurt you really, really bad,” as he laughs

the trailer shows mostly Harley Quinn, beating people up and being… well. Just a complete BADASS!!

(as always of course)

Even though the late Heath Ledger practically moulded himself into the character and ended up being ‘The Joker’. Jared Leto seems to be the perfect actor to carry on Heath’s work and masterpiece that is The Joker.


Heath Ledger #1

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