‘Venom’ Sequel is in the Works

Sony‘s box office hit Venom is getting a sequel and Tom Hardy is returning to play the anti-hero that everyone fell in love with last summer.

One of the film’s producers and screenwriters from the first film, Kelly Marcel, has been chosen to pen the script again. Inside sources say that Marcel’s deal was apparently a significant one and she will also be an executive producer.

Although, Sony Pictures has declined to comment on this, Venom‘s mid-credits scene did hint that Woody Harrelson is set to play Carnage in a future sequel. Carnage is well known as Eddie Brock aka Venom’s (Tom Hardy) sworn enemy so a sequel is obviously on the cards.

Hardy’s on-screen lover Michelle Williams is also expected to rejoin the fun as her business with Eddie was left unfinished.

Sources have speculated that Venom‘s director Reuben Fleischer may too busy to helm the sequel as he will busy shooting Zombieland‘s sequel. But producers Avi Arad, Amy Pascal and Matt Holmach are returning to produce the Venom follow-up.

Marvel Studios

Venom originally grossed a massive $855 million worldwide following in the footsteps of Marvel‘s other big screen heroes. Sony has also confirmed two significant dates in 2020 regarding the Spider-Man universe.

An untitled Sony/Marvel project is coming to cinemas on July 10th 2020 and an untitled sequel is coming out on October 2nd. The July project is most likely Morbius, who will be played by Jared Leto, who is another villain of Spider-Man’s. Leto will be a scientist who’s trying to find a cure for a blood disease which ends disastrously.

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Fans connected the dots and have assumed that the October slot must be Venom 2, which would have the same date as its predecessor. However, no specifics have been confirmed in Sony‘s announcement.

Viewers loved the banter between Eddie and Venom as it became more of an unusual romantic comedy rather than the usual average-guy-gets-superpowers-and-fights-bad-guys type of movie.

So, a sequel is now highly anticipated by the fans and any chance to see Tom Hardy grace our screens again is always gratefully accepted.

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