The Sun Previews 1D Mag Cover

Fabulous Magazine has the 1D boys back for their November cover issue, right before they leave on a year hiatus…and let’s just say they are looking fabulous once again.

The Sun tweeted this morning saying Fabulous Magazine will release another issue about One Direction- this time talking about their “toughest year yet”.

1D has appeared on the cover of Fabulous before, the last being an American photoshoot in 2013, plus two previous covers. Without fail the boys have looked the part with each photo, so we wouldn’t expect anything less this time around.

The fans have some gut reactions. One- we get another photoshoot of 1D before their break, and they’re lookin’ pretty hot. Two- another article that will spread rumors and lies, and “you’ve gotta be kidding me”s.

Since The Sun‘s last publication about One Direction, fans have been very critical of their articles. The Sun writer Dan Wooton has spread rumors about Harry Styles going solo and the boys having troubled relationships before, which ticks fans off. Wooton’s last article related 1D’s latest single “Perfect” to Styles and Taylor Swift’s relationship back in 2013. Thousands of hateful tweets have been sent about Dan Wooton. We’ve even heard rumors swirl of possibly firing him from publishing for The Sun. One tweet mentions the “cruel slander and fan shaming” their articles contain and fans have already started tweeting their opinons about the article.

All we know is the fandom is ready to call out any lies The Sun and Fabulous Magazine try to publish. The November issue of Fabulous is to be released this upcoming Sunday in the UK. You can find more updates on the new issue on

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Written by CelebMix