Sunstroke Project Brings The Epic Sax To New Song “Mango” And Drops A Basketball Frenzy Music Video

The new era for Sunstroke Project is in full force as the band continues on as a duo, emphasising their strengths with their latest songs. First, we had “Boomerang” and now we’ve got “Mango”, the latter of which has been released this week alongside a basketball-themed music video. Could a new album also be on the horizon?

Sunstroke Project, consisting of Sergey Stepanov and Sergei Yalovitsky, are best known for representing Moldova at Eurovision twice. In the 2010 contest, they collaborated with Olia Tira with the song “Run Away”, which scored 27 points, placing them in 22nd place at the Grand Final. It was a different story when they returned in 2017 with the song “Hey, Mamma!”, they were one of a few public favourites, scoring a total of 374 points, placing them third, which is Moldova’s best placing in the Eurovision Song Contest, to date. They’ve had quite the lengthy career having released multiple singles as well as one album and two EPs. Most people know them for their time as a trio, but earlier this year Anton Ragoza left the group.

According to the YouTube credits, the music production was handled by Mihail Cebotarenco, Serghei Ialovitki, and Serghei Stepanov, whilst the lyrics were created by Serghei Ialovitki and Mihai Teodor. As for the music video, it has been directed and produced by Nikita Voloc, whilst Evghenii Dedkov acted as the director of photography.

Watch Sunstroke Project’s Music Video For “Mango” Here:

The song is somewhat reminiscent of their hit Eurovision track “Hey, Mamma!”, with the chorus of each track having a similar rhythm and beat; however, the similarities are just a small segment as they push themselves into this brand new era. Sergei Yalovitsky’s vocals are on fire from beginning to end, giving us this cheeky singer who is smooth and slick during the verses and sultry and sexy during the chorus. As for the saxophone, Epic Sax Man is ready to entertain giving us some crazy notes that give the track the same fire that’s found in Sergei Yalovitsky’s voice.

Now, this music video, talk about bringing the Sunstroke Project comedy back to the table. The duo go head-to-head in what looks like an all-female basketball match where Sunstroke Project acts as the coaches, only they decide to do some in-sync dance moves that deserve a spot on the Eurovision stage – we’ll never forget their choreography for “Hey, Mamma!” at Eurovision, and now we’ve got some more dance moves to add to that. Just imagine seeing Sunstroke Project at one of their gigs, they’ll be knocking out the dance moves. Finishing up the music video, the singer of the group shoots a confetti cannon at Epic Sax Man, and he falls to the ground where he plays an epic sax instrumental, before getting up and finishing the last chorus. Who doesn’t love a bit of mango?

“Mango” is available to download and stream right now, through BIS Music. We can’t help but hope a new album is on its way, what with these incredible new releases as a duo.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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