Sunstroke Project Releases Brand New Single “I Want You” Featuring Broono

We are so excited to see that Sunstroke Project has a brand new song out. “I Want You” is their first single of 2018 and features Broono – who made it big by featuring on Sasha Lopez & Andreea D’s track “All My People”. This brand new single was released Friday 6 April 2018.

This new single excites us for new music from this Moldovan three-piece. Sunstroke Project made a name for themselves, recently, by competing in the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. They represented their home country of Moldova with the awesome song “Hey, Mamma!” which allowed them to bring an engaging and comical stage production. This scored them 374 points resulting in third place; making it Moldova’s best placing ever. This was the second time they had represented Moldova at Eurovision, the first time being a collaboration with Olia Tira in 2010 with the song “Run Away”; they came 22nd with 27 points in the Grand Final.

As for Broono, he’s a Moldovan artist who rose to fame being the featured star on Sasha Lopez & Andreea D’s single “All My People”, which became a massive YouTube hit all around the world. He followed that song up with multiple collaborations with Sasha Lopez which also became slight hits too. He’s definitely one to watch, and this collaboration with Sunstroke Project definitely works well.

This team-up is beyond catchy. It has been released on Ragoza Music and brings a whole new flavour to Sunstroke Project’s collection of releases. Putting that aside, the content of the lyrics are just as sexy whilst being simple.

Listen To Sunstroke Project’s “I Want You” Song Featuring Broono On YouTube:

We can’t believe how catchy this song is. Once again, Sunstroke Project has nailed an incredible song, and Broono really does manage to add that extra thing that’s missing. The lyrics may be simple but vocalist Sergei Yalovitsky really adds the emotion and the honesty to these words.

As expected the violinist and the saxophonist, who are Anton Ragoza and Sergey Stepanov respectively, get a chance to shine in an instrumental break. This is what makes Sunstroke Project so good because there’s no other group doing what they are doing; not only that, Sergey Stepanov went viral under the name Epic Sax Guy due to his performance at Eurovision, and Anton Ragoza was renamed Epic Violin Guy too, as both their instruments weren’t plugged in during the  Eurovision performance meaning they had to mime. We so hope a music video is released.

When it comes to Broono’s part, he manages to fit with the rhythm perfectly, his rap is intricate managing to engage and hold the interest of every listener. The song has a deep tropical sound to it, one that certainly makes us click the replay button.

Stream Sunstroke Project’s “I Want You” Featuring Broono Here:

The single is available to download and stream now through Ragoza Music. We can’t help but hope that a music video is released for this addicting track in the coming weeks.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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