Take That, One Direction!

So, two of Britain’s biggest boybands released new singles but who’s going to win the fight for number one?

First we have Take That with Hey Boy. It’s an upbeat, funky pop song that perfectly fits in with the rest of III. There’s heavy drums and almost ghostlike backing singing from Gary throughout the entire song. The first verse is sung by Mark and then goes straight into the pre-chorus sung by Gary, with stand out lyric ‘Don’t waste a minute of your precious time. Don’t wait for someone, go change your life’, making the song a motivational one that encourages the listener to do what they want to do and not what others want them to do. The chorus is catchy and repetitive with a tune you just can’t get out of your head. The second verse is sung by Howard before going straight back into the pre-chorus and then the fast paced chorus.

Overall, it’s a fantastically catchy pop song that you’ll have stuck in your head for hours.

Secondly, there’s One Direction. Once again they have produced a new-age pop/rock song about their broken relationships and is exactly what you would expect from their new genre of music. Really, it’s nothing special. Apart from maybe the bridge. Overall, it’s just a bit too auto-tuned for my liking.

So, Take That are already winning for me but with One Direction’s small army of fans having pre-ordered the life out of Perfect, it’s gone straight to number 1 with Take That’s Hey Boy a measly 15th. It’s pretty much clear that there’s no way Take That are going to be number one with BBC Radio’s pathetic age limit earning them no plays on Britain’s biggest radio stations, but instead on the Global family stations that will earn them only a few thousand downloads. Plus, who’s even liked Take That since 2007? (Me!)

I think it’s clear that Hey Boy isn’t going to get the recognition it deserves due to the fact Perfect is going to remain at number one for the entire week but you can help the effort by downloading it via iTunes or playing it on Spotify! (Or you could download Perfect or play it on Spotify… I’ll leave that one up to you.)

Written by CelebMix