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Tank from Tank and the Bangas talks Rebel Girls Album and Friend Goals EP

Tarriona “Tank” Ball has had a busy year despite like most of us spending in lockdown. She’s appeared on the Rebel Girls album which features amazing artists like Joan Jett, AURORA, KT Tunstall and Marie White. She and her Grammy-nominated band Tank and the Bangas are also gearing up to release their EP Friend Goals.

Friend Goals EP Tracklist:
01. Fluff (feat. Duckwrth)
02. Self Care (feat. Jaime Woods, Orleans Big, Anjelika ‘Jelly’ Joseph)
03. TSA (feat. PJ Morton)
04. Mr. Insta (feat. CHIKA)
05. To Be Real (feat. Hasizzle, Keedy Black, Big Choo)
06. Friend Goals (feat. Pell)

We had a chat with her about featuring on the Rebel Girls album and about her upcoming EP Friend Goals.

You’ve been extremely busy lately, you feature on  ‘Good Night Songs for Rebel Girls album, how did you get involved in the project?

It was honestly a connection made behind my back! There are so many strings that are being pulled to make all these things possible, so I’m incredibly grateful that they reached out and we were able to record it. 

What was is about  ‘Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood’ that you felt was the right track for you do vocals on for the album?

I feel like so many people, especially women are misunderstood. “You’re in your heart” “you’re too emotional” “you’re too aggressive, passionate, involved,” “you’re in your feelings” I’ve heard it all and I’ve felt it all, but mostly I know that we’re all a little misunderstood. This song talks about all the feelings you get when someone simply doesn’t “get you” or when your intentions don’t add up to your actions. It be like that sometimes. 

You are also gearing up for the release of your own EP “Friend Goals”, how would you describe the feel of the EP?

Absolutely freaking awesome. I bop it all the time just because it feels so good to me. I’ve grown in my little quarantine time with my band and everybody is gonna feel the super good vibes we’re creating. 

Do you have a personal favourite track off “Friend Goals?


The lead single “Selfcare” is extremely relevant and will speak to a lot of people as we’ve all struggled recently. Was that your intention with the track to do something that would speak to so many people and empower them?

My intention was to find the self in self-care. This time away from the world doesn’t have to be so horrible, it can be an introspective time, it was very self-reflective for me. And of course, if you’re dealing with Tank And The Bangas, it had to have some bop with it lol 

What was the experience of recording the album during the lockdown and adhering to local social distancing like?

There were moments where it was really aggy, like bad connection type stuff or wanting to go by a band members house and record but can’t because of Covid or even being super emotional from a black lives matter protest. Ultimately it was a peaceful time for me filled with a lot of music that I needed to make. 

What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to grow, shed Covid weight, impact positive change, focus more, and put on the best live show on the planet. 

Is there any particular message you want people to take away from listening to “Friend Goals”?

Everybody needs somebody they can kick it with ;)

You can pre-order Friend Goals here. And you get the Rebel Girls album here.

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