Tanner Eades shares tricks to becoming successful in the music industry

If you are someone who is trying to break out in the music industry you are sure to know the value of social media and what big a role it can play in your success if used correctly. This is advice that everyone offers but no one is ready to discuss how exactly to go about it. Cue Tanner Eades, an established serial entrepreneur and thought leader who offers advice and support for hopeful debutants in a range of industries. Tanner Eades can devote quite a bit of his journey as an entrepreneur, especially one associated with the music industry, to social media and with these tried and tested tips, he provides a helping hand for all. Read on below to know the top 10 tricks to become successful in the music industry by using social media.

1. The best way to let others know that you are up and active on the musical side of life is by doing life as many times as possible on all platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

2. An easy hack to growing your audience and advertising yourself to people who like the same type of music is by connecting with other artists and appearing regularly on their feed or lives.

3. Make matters personal by opening a business WhatsApp account where people can chat with you and get reminded of live shows and album drops.

4. Don’t be ashamed to buy ads for your music. Being an artist is also a form of livelihood and you need to invest in it.

5. Pay equal attention to all platforms irrespective of the follower count as most people prefer one form of social media to the other and posting on all of them is the best way to cast the widest net.

6. Use third-party applications such as my trip to open up 2 to 3 campaigns specifically centred around your upcoming album or single.

7. Gain website traffic and thus, search relevance, by regularly backlinking your Spotify or Apple Music account on your stories and posts. 

8. Indulge in engagement groups on apps such as Instagram and Tiktok who will volunteer to share and repost your social media updates so that your posts become much more relevant in the eyes of the algorithm right before a comeback.

9. People are always excited to attend concerts and holding giveaways for your concert tickets (if you are having one) or providing other cool gifts related to your music is a good tactic to gain followers quick.

10. After the song has been released give it a shot at becoming trending by asking followers to use the audio clip in reels in the form of a dance or singalong challenge.

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Written by Monella