Tanya Burr launches her new cosmetics range

On the 20 of August, Tanya Burr, a famous British fashion and beauty blogger and youtuber  launches her second cosmetics range.The youtuber recently announced that she was launching a second cosmetics range. She talked about adding new shades of lip glossed and new colored nail polishes to her first range as well as eye shadow palettes.

The beauty blogger had previously released her first cosmetics range back in February 2014, called Tanya Burr Cosmetics, and followed by a range of eye lashes in October of the same year. That first range of hers was mainly composed of lip glosses and nail polishes, 12 crème and shimmer lip glosses and 10 nail polishes to be exact as well as fake eye lashes.

This second range however, contains a total of 11 lip glosses,12 nail polishes, 4 lashes, 3 eye shadow palettes and 1 brow palette as the blogger clearly indicated on her blog. As she mentions in her blog post, this new makeup range has new shades of lip glosses and nail polishes but she also kept some of the original range. Her makeup line, a diffusion line of “eye CANDY” brand cosmetics can be brought at Superdrug, a UK retailer.

She is indeed really proud and excited about all of her new releases as she retweeted a few pictures of her launch party to her followers. She also kept them updated as she posted a few of her own picture onto her Instagram account.

It is extremely heartwarming to see how happy she is and how she made it to where she is right now. Her makeup range is certainly something she can be proud of and we can all collectively agree that we are very happy for her as well.

Written by CelebMix