#7DaysofTanyaG – Behind the Scenes of ‘I Will Survive’

We’ve already premiered Tanya G’s music video for ‘I Will Survive’, but what about the Behind the Scenes?

The singer/songwriter interprets her modern-day twist as a way for women all around the World to feel empowered while listening to the dance floor hit. In the music video, the storyline portrays a young woman going through a situation in her relationship, where she’s having a hard time with a guy and then builds the strength to leave him, move on and survive! 

Which also symbolizes Tanya’s journey as she ventures into her solo career after being in the girl group Fe-Nix, hoping that one day she’ll be able to break through the stages of being just a newcomer and surviving the forever changing music industry.

We feel that this remake is the key to her breakthrough! And we’ll love for you to be a part of that, by checking out the process of how Tanya and her crew made this single come alive! 

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Written by Josephine Sjelhøj

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