Taylor Swift reaches 80 MILLION Twitter followers

American songstress Taylor Swift’s social media following grows by the second. She’s already the second most followed person in the world on photo sharing site Instagram, with 87.4million followers, just behind her partner in crime, Selena Gomez, who has an astonishing follower count of 92.7million. Although, we’re sure she doesn’t mind missing out on the top spot if it means her BFF gets to claim it instead!

However, she is also the third most followed person on Twitter too, having just reached a staggering 80million followers. We don’t know about you, but we’re struggling to even imagine that many people! This pop sensation doesn’t seem to have a blank space on her Twitter profile!

T.Swizzle sits just behind Justin Bieber who boasts 85million Twitter followers, yet the most followed person still, ironically, remains Katy Perry. The ‘Roar’ hitmaker’s follower count has risen to over 91million – we didn’t even think that many people had Twitter accounts! Fourth place belongs to Barack Obama, who has 76million followers and fifth goes to everyone’s favourite Barbadian beauty, Rihanna, who has 63million people keeping up with her Tweets.

Taylor loves to use Twitter to make announcements regarding her music, promote unknown artists and, of course, thank her fans for their dedication and support. She also uses her voice to speak out against world injustices and send love and light to those in need so, we reckon she is well and truly deserving of third place on the ‘Most Followed’ list!

Finally, in celebration of Tay Tay reaching this milestone, why don’t we take a look at her first Tweet which, of course, was about her feline friend…


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Written by CelebMix