Taylor Swift set to premiere ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ music video at the VMAs

Friday 25th August is International Taylor Swift Day, we’ve decided. Not only did she drop her new single Look What You Made Me Do today but she also announced the premiere date for its music video. Yes, whilst the world was busy crying and screaming over the songstress’ latest musical masterpiece, she decided to tease them with a preview of the video, which is coming sooner than you probably think.

Miss Swift is set to premiere the official Look What You Made Me Do video at this Sunday’s VMAs and shared a tense trailer for the video on her social media accounts to get fans hyped up…as if they really needed any more hyping.

The short teaser features a few shots from the video which burst onto the screen in rapid “blink and you’ll miss it” speed. In one shot, Taylor can be seen biting on a diamond necklace whilst wearing a lot of rings and her classic red lipstick. In another, she can be seen wearing a black netted outfit with her blonde locks styled in voluminous curls, she stands tall with her hands on her hips, surrounded by fierce looking male dancers, (including Todrick Hall) in front of three chandeliers. Another scene shows Taylor sitting down, resting her hand on a golden skull. The skull has the final words Julius Caesar said to Brutus when he was assassinated etched into it, translating to “and you Brutus?” Taylor wears red and three snake rings on her fingers whilst a real life snake slithers beside her.

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Official #LWYMMDvideo world premiere. Sunday 8/27 at the @vmas.

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Parts of the video seem to be set in an almost Blank Space style mansion but, as we all know, when it comes to Taylor Swift, it’s impossible to predict anything. What we can predict, however, is that millions will be tuning into the VMAs this Sunday, solely to catch the first ever screening of the Shake It Off hitmaker’s latest video. The video looks dark and fierce yet empowering and glamorous and we cannot wait to watch it because we have simply been deprived of new Taylor Swift music videos for far too long.

Look What You Made Me Do is currently dominating the charts worldwide, sitting comfortably at number 1 in over 70 countries. Let us know if you’re excited about the video and whether you’ll be watching the VMAs via Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by CelebMix