Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj – everything you need to know about the Twitter feud

Earlier this week Nicki Minaj expressed her anger at her hilarious and quite frankly genius video for Anaconda not being up for the Video Of The Year award. With her reminding fans that Ellen created her own Anaconda video, along with hundreds of others having their own take on it and that sad but true black women are highly unrecognised within the pop music world.

It didn’t take long for Taytay to get up the defensive seeing this as an attack against her video for Bad Blood being up for the award. She does fit the skinny ladies awards category Minaj was ranting about but anyway back to the point.


This led to twitter and the internet being torn between #teamminaj or #teamswift believing that Taylor was using her power to support white artists and ignore the very true fact that there’s a lack of recognition for black female artists.

It didn’t get long for other celebs to get involved in the act with Katy Perry slamming back at known rival Taylor with this tweet, which can be seen as her saying ‘Stop being a hypocrite, your nominated track is about taking me down!’. Trying to bring light to the situation of three of the strongest women in pop being

It gets better with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars mocking the ladies with their own war between themselves. Which even saw posters for their upcoming boxing match being created by savvy twitter users, now this is something we’d LOVE to see.

Taylor Swift VS Nicki Minaj?! 1

After fearing she’d opened up a can of angry twitter worms who looked unlike to back down, Taylor seemingly admitted defeated with an apologetic tweet.



We mean it’s not like she’s up against a strong, black female artist in the same category who goes by the name of Beyonce and was fearful of losing support or anything… We see right though you Taylor and that bad blood between you and Nicki isn’t going to disappear as quickly as you’d hope.

Written by Nicola Craig

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