What is Tegan and Sara’s Snapchat?

Most of your favourite celebrities use Snapchat as a simple method of connecting with fans and having some fun throughout the day. However, it isn’t always easy to find their username amongst a ton of fake celebrity accounts.

Don’t worry, we can help you! Here at CelebMix, we’ve created the CelebMix Snapchat Bible, where we are creating a list of all of your favourite celebrities and their official Snapchat username.

Tegan and Sara released their latest album, Love You to Death, back in June. Since then they’ve been busy promoting their music, and filming and releasing music videos for six of the tracks off the album! They are just preparing to embark on their North American tour this fall, and we will get to come along with them via Snapchat! Make sure you follow Tegan and Sara on Snapchat for self-described “pure joy and nonsense”.

What is Tegan and Sara’s Snapchat?

You can follow Tegan and Sara on Snapchat at Teganandsara.

Who else should you follow on Snapchat?

Well, you can follow us on Snapchat if you’d like! Our username is CelebMix. We snap loads of cool stuff- from live concerts and gigs to exclusive celebrity meetings, and more! Make sure you add us now so you don’t miss out.

Along with Tegan and Sara, we have compiled a full list of celebrity Snapchat accounts here. If your favourite celebrity is not on the list, or if you find an error, please tweet us @CelebMix. We’re constantly updating our Snapchat Bible, so be sure to check back!

Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.