Ten Nostalgic Hannah Montana Songs!

We are counting down songs from Hannah Montana to celebrate ten whole years (can you believe it!?) since the creation of the show! These songs will either make you cry with happiness or sadness while looking back at these times.

 Ten Nostalgic Hannah Montana Songs! 1

10. He Could Be The One

By far one of the most difficult decisions Miley made! This kept us on the edge of our seats while anticipating to see whether Miley chose Jesse or Jake.

9. We Got The Party

One of the most iconic Hannah Montana moments! Hannah and the Jonas Brothers collaborating to create a song that we never want to forget.

8. Nobody’s Perfect

Definitely a song that put our younger selves into the right mindset- reminding us that Nobody’s Perfect.

7. Wherever I Go

This song, along with the episode, made our hearts warm and fuzzy. Miley’s decision to go to college with her best friend showed how much Lily meant to her. Although they sang this in the final episode, it was nice to see the girls live their dream from when they were younger. We still cry thinking about this.

6. Life’s What You Make It

Not only is this song a bop, but everyone should live by the message given.

5. I Miss You

One of the most heart-breaking songs. Miley dedicated this to her mom on the show who had passed away, making it emotionally relatable to everyone.

4. Bone Dance


The time Miley made us want to study for biology. This one is a lyric change of Nobody’s Perfect, however, it still makes it onto our list! The Bone Dance is unforgettable.


3. Hoedown Throwdown

This is a song that we’ll always remember the lyrics and dance moves to when it’s played. Even if you were not a fan of a show, you probably attempted to dance along to this, at least, twelve times.


2. The Climb

This was a huge turning point for Miley, revealing her identity in the Hannah Montana Movie. Fans promised to keep it a secret, which gave us hope for the continuation of her double life. Sadly, we could all guess the day was coming when she would reveal her identity to the world.


1.Best of Both Worlds

The song that defines the show. This is the song that introduced us to the world of Hannah Montana a whole decade ago! Without a doubt, we would all belt this one out if it was played right now.

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Written by CelebMix