Tequisha’s newest song “Closer” is the perfect nostalgia night out

Rising London-based pop artist Tequisha has brought forward the perfect anthem to – hopefully – get your mind off the sweltering heat; the singer-songwriter returns ‘Closer’, which follows her debut EP Complicated released last summer.

“Closer” is the type of song that showcases Tequisha at her best, with her unique vocals guiding against a summerset dreamy, disco-esque production. Working with Afterparty on the track, there is no doubt that this is one of the most appropriate feel-good tracks of the summer, that will have you dancing along.

Speaking on the release of the song, the London native explains that this is the type of song you want to listen to whilst out with your friends – Tequisha adds: “‘Closer’ is that teenage nostalgia night out with your friends, when someone catches your eye for the first time and everything feels new and colourful again.”

Having already headlined some of London’s most acclaimed venues such as The Ministry of Sound, Ronnie Scott’s and Amazing Grace; featuring on breakthrough tracks such as Control by French duo Betical, Touch, and Lights by LUCASV – Tequisha is now releasing her own highly anticipated material that is sure to keep you interested in what she has to offer.

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