We can't get enough of Henry Moodie's lyrics
We can't get enough of Henry Moodie's lyrics

The 5 Henry Moodie ‘drunk text’ lyrics we can’t get enough of

Yesterday CelebMix brought you the news that rising star Henry Moodie dropped his latest single ‘drunk text’, a lovesick ditty to a friend that the 18-year-old wants to be much more.

The breakthrough star’s second single comes after a stint on tour opening for The Vamps and just before he hits the road across Europe with Mimi Webb.

Speaking on the track, Moodie said: “When I was writing the song, I really wanted to mirror my emotions; that excruciatingly confusing feeling of deleting the text that you are so close to sending, and then also, the feeling of what I’d wanted to say all along.”

Fast making a name for himself with relatable lyrics for overthinking teens across the world – and the streams to show his listeners can’t get enough – CelebMix picks out the five brilliant lyrics from ‘drunk text’ that had us screaming at our phones.

When I walked you home / That’s when I nearly said it / But then said “Forget it” and froze

Well, we’ve all been here. Moodie’s feelings are on the tip of his tongue just about to creep out to his long-time crush before the nerves pull it all them way back down. We think we’ve all used the words, “forget it”, to save us from an awkward situation before.

Started to write what I wanna say / Deleted the message

The backspace button on your phone is often your best friend. You’ve opened the Instagram DM, you’ve written a confession of love that William Shakespeare would be proud of and it’s all been fuelled by a few drinks. Maybe the recipient will love it and confess their love too – or maybe it should just be deleted until a more sober time.

I wish I was more than just someone you walk by / Wish I wasn’t scared to be honest and open

This is giving a real high-school coming-of-age movie feel. You can just picture the nervous kid standing by the lockers as their crush strolls by the hallway, hair swooshing in the wind as the whole school’s heads turn. Normally, though, it does end well for the lovesick teen.

April the 7th / And nothing has changed / It’s hard to get by

You know just how hard the ‘you were there for me’ singer has fallen for his crush here. Every moment they spend with them goes down in the diary and with each day that passes, you can feel the desperation going.

Destroy myself to keep a friend / Hiding away ’cause I was afraid you’d say no

Oof, ultimately, this is the crux of the matter. If Moodie does confess his love, what if it’s not reciprocated? Could that make a situation too awkward to salvage? Is the friendship worth putting at risk? Only you can work that one out, Henry.

Written by Toby Bryant

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