All I Want

The Archer Releases New EP – ‘All I Want’

Los Angeles-based producer and label-head The Archer releases his two-track EP, All I Want, which includes the original version of the song, along with a remix by Parisian producer Ron Costa.

Speaking about the EP, The Archer shares, “Sometimes you just need to not think too much, let loose and just dance. ‘All I Want’ is all about that and a bag of sunshine.”

Last year saw The Archer releases his debut EP, Lonely Dream, via his label There Is A Light. Since then, The Arche has accumulated over 57,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, along with performing at festivals such as EDC Las Vegas and venues like Academy LA, Zouk Las Vegas, Ayu Day Club Las Vegas, and Spin Nightclub.

The Archer’s newly founded label There Is A Light Records is dedicated to providing premiere house and techno cuts to the global dance music circuit. With dozens of releases spanning the label’s repertoire from artists like Matt Sassari, Ron Costa, Burko, Latroit, The Sponges, and The Archer himself, There Is A Light is becoming an underground beacon.

Growing up in Paris, Ron Costa developed a sound that breathes the atmosphere of a big capital city. Spending several years in the studio, he paid his dues and firmly established himself as one of the finest French producers and DJs around.

Costa’s latest release, “Gather,” displays his return to his roots – techno. His previous hits include “Koi,” “Oslo Museum,” and “Superstition.”

The Original Mix of “All I Want” opens on a galvanizing house beat flowing into gleaming with luminous accents as sensuous female vocals imbue the track with luscious tones. A shimmering drop leads to an elevating percussive assault, ramping up to bright colors.

Whereas the Ron Costa Remix infuses the harmonics with darker, pulsating coloration riding a tight, thumping kick-drum topped by techno savors. Stripped-down and edgier, Costa’s version features minimalistic, visceral dynamics.

Innovative and thrumming with contagious, fat momentum, All I Want rumbles and throbs with alluring dance vibes.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.