The full length trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk just dropped

Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk is slated for a July 2017 theater debut but that seemingly far off release date didn’t stop it from being one of the most talked about films of 2016. Nolan is a genius in the world of film; from screenwriting and directing to editing and producing, he not only does it all – he excels at it. From The Dark Knight Trilogy to Inception and even Man of Steel; Nolan has been part of some of the most talked about films in this decade and the last.

When the public found out that Nolan was working on Dunkirk, they were thrilled knowing he’d do the story justice. When the cast for the film was released, the word thrilled didn’t properly describe the emotion.

Nolan didn’t just bring together talented and established actors like Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy; he added newcomers that are destined to make a big splash like Fionn Whitehead and Harry Styles. The thing about Nolan films is that they’re not just talked about in a moment and placed on a back burner; they’re not just movies watched for entertainment or during a moment of boredom – they’re experiences.

The first trailer for the film was released on August 4th with intense ticking in the background, scattered scenes from the movie, and a quote that sums up what fans should anticipate when Dunkirk premieres in July of 2017.

At the point of crisis, at the point of annihilation, survival is victory.

If you’ve done your research, you know that Dunkirk was no glorious battle full of victory and power, and while no war ever is, any survival at Dunkirk seemed hopeless. In fact, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the evacuation a miracle in the ‘We Shall Fight on the Beaches’ speech.

Meanwhile, the Royal Air Force, which had already been intervening in the battle, so far as its range would allow, from home bases, now used part of its main metropolitan fighter strength, and struck at the German bombers and at the fighters which in large numbers protected them. This struggle was protracted and fierce. Suddenly the scene has cleared, the crash and thunder has for the moment – but only for the moment – died away. A miracle of deliverance, achieved by valor, by perseverance, by perfect discipline, by faultless service, by resource, by skill, by unconquerable fidelity, is manifest to us all.

While many were lost, some were spared by a fleet of over 800 boats; 39 of which were destroyers and other large ships.  The unspoken heroes’ of Operation Dynamo, however, were the little ships which played an incredibly important role in saving as many lives as possible.

The battle wasn’t deemed a victory in terms of the military, Churchill went on to say that ‘Wars are not won by evacuations‘.

The first trailer for Dunkirk showed a lot of that loss as bodies lay across the beach and a soldier walks into the water after removing some gear; potentially surrendering himself before the enemy could take him or his life.

On December 14th, the second trailer was released and a deeper look into the Evacuation of Dunkirk was shown. You can feel the fear, the sorrow, the hopelessness, and the moments of strength and fight as the 400,000 men on the beach of Dunkirk are relentlessly attacked in “the battle that shaped our world”.

Cillian Murphy has an especially heartbreaking scene where he’s tried to escape the battle but ends up on a ship back to Dunkirk and, with fear in his eyes, he simply says, “If we go back, we’ll die.”

While the focus of Dunkirk will be the incredible acting from all parties involved and the harrowing storytelling; almost everyone is especially intrigued by Harry Styles’ role in the film. To debut as an actor in a Christoper Nolan film is an indescribable honor, and he worked hard to make sure he earned it on his own merit – not just because of his name.

With the world at his feet, Harry could have done anything after One Direction began their hiatus, and acting in a Nolan film had to be one of the more difficult routes to go, but he did so with talent and passion and those are evident in the scenes in which he’s shown in this new Dunkirk trailer.

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Written by Ashley

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