The Hara ‘No Regrets’ EP Track Listing Unveiled

The Hara – comprising of members Josh Taylor, Jack Kennedy and Zack Breen – have unveiled the track listing for their debut EP, titled ‘No Regrets’, set for release in May 2018.

A preview of what can be expected from the EP was released in the form of a short video on to the band’s official Twitter:

The five-track EP will allow for the talented trio to showcase original music that they have been working on, providing them with the opportunity to showcase not only their vocals, but also their musical talents.

The ‘No Regrets’ EP track listing is as follows:

  1. ‘When It All Goes Wrong’;
  2. ‘Accidental Love’;
  3. ‘Firestorm’;
  4. ‘Made To Be’;
  5. ‘All Worked Out.’ 

CelebMix had the opportunity to review ‘All Worked Out’ – you can check out our exclusive review by clicking here.

Here at CelebMix, we also had the opportunity to chat to member Josh about the ‘No Regrets’ EP, the band’s upcoming tour and more. Keep reading to check out our interview!

How does it feel to know that your debut EP is to be released in a matter of weeks?

‘It’s such a crazy feeling, I feel like once we have our music out there, we will finally have an identity as a band and a sound people can associate us with. Also, I can’t wait to tell Google to play The Hara whilst I’m cooking in my kitchen.’ 

Does each member have a different creative input?

‘Definitely – we all come from completely different musical backgrounds and our music tastes are so different, however we do share a love for a lot of the same bands such as Panic! At The Disco, Catfish and The Bottlemen and The 1975. Creatively we all have our own ideas and all know our instruments really well so when we bring all that together I guess you get us…The Hara!’ 

Who have been the musical influences for the EP?

‘We definitely wanted our debut EP to be completely true to us as musicians and creatives so it has ended up being slightly more rock-centred then we first imagined. I’d say some of the main musical influences for the EP would have to be The 1975, The Vamps, The Hunna, Catfish and the Bottlemen.’ 

Are you excited to get out on tour to meet your fans and perform tracks off the EP?

‘Oh my days, I feel like I’ve been asleep for the last six months since our last headline tour. There is nothing more I love than being up on that stage rocking out with all our fans and meeting everyone after the show who support us every day on social media in real life.’ 

The Hara’s ‘No Regrets’ headline tour kicks off in Sheffield on 7 April, travelling around the UK and Ireland throughout April and May. For more information on the tour and to buy tickets, click here.

The ‘No Regrets’ EP will be released on 12 May 2018 and can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

Are you as excited as we are here at CelebMix to hear the ‘No Regrets’ EP? Will you be seeing The Hara live on their upcoming tour? Make sure you tweet us and let us know: @CelebMix.

Written by Rachel Dempster