The Internet Wishes Harry Styles A Happy Birthday!

The clock struck 12 on Monday morning and the world was not the same: Harry Styles turned 22. Friends, family, and fans flocked to social media to share their kind words and well wishes. Here’s a roundup of our favorite tweets.

10. Zach Braff


9. Paul Roberts

YUMSKii is our new favorite word.

8. Helene Hørlyck

We couldn’t agree more!

7. Dan Richards

The emojis are a nice touch.

6. Ellen DeGeneres

We’ll just pretend we know what this means.

5. Matt Bellassai

Took the words right out of our mouths.

4. Pizza Hut UK

Oh, Narry.



2. Mark Jarvis

Where’re we going today, Mark? sobs

1. Anne Twist

Whatever this means, we love it.

Our favorite tweet of the night, however, came from the man of the hour himself.


Since one day simply isn’t enough, we’ve been celebrating Harry’s birthday all week long. Make sure you check out all our birthday listicles and tell us which ones are your favorites! Tweet us @CelebMix1D, @CelebMix, and talk to us on Facebook.

Written by CelebMix